Counselor in Plano

Who is Therapy Good For?

Therapy can be a good way for pretty much anybody to express themselves and get help with their problems. Most people don’t think they would benefit from therapy because they have a spouse, friends, or family that they can talk to. In reality, it is very difficult to talk to someone about all of your problems, for various reasons. First of all, putting absolutely all of your problems on one person isn’t healthy. That can be a big burden for someone who doesn’t know how to help you. That is why a counselor or therapist can be beneficial. They are licensed professionals who are trained to help you deal with your problems, they know various coping methods that the average person may not know. Also, it’s not always feasible to tell one person all of your problems because odds are you’ll eventually have a problem with them, or you’ll have a problem that you don’t want to talk to them about. Sometimes it can be difficult talking to someone you are already attached to because you feel like you need to consider their feelings as well, but not with a counselor. A counselor is objective, an ideal counselor doesn’t judge or get their emotions tied up in your discussions.

What are Some Benefits of Therapy

For me, therapy has been able to offer new perspectives on situations for me. Talking it out and having someone there listening and empathizing somehow helps me put my problems into perspective. I find it almost cleansing in a way. When I go in every week, I get whatever I want off my chest. Some weeks I have a lot bothering me that I need to get out, and other weeks not so much. But either way, I always leave feeling a little lighter.

However, this was not always the case for me. In the beginning I did not find therapy very helpful because I did not really try. I didn’t tell my therapist the things she needed to know and I wasn’t trying to make it work for me. I was just going to please my family but then I realized it was a waste of money if I wasn’t actually getting anything out of it. Therapy can be a really great thing if you put work into it. If your counselor gives you homework make sure you do it, they give it to you for a reason.

Where Can I Find a Great Therapist in Plano?

Great therapists are all over the place. A simple Google search can leave you with hundreds of possible therapists. From there, you just have to narrow it down to which ones specialize in what you need. Research all your potential therapists and try to meet or talk to them before you make a commitment. If you happen to be looking for a Counselor in Plano, Texas or the surrounding areas, the best counselor is Brittany Bridges at Kairo’s Counseling. I have been going to her for a few years and have been very pleased with the results, I highly recommend you check her out.