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Krups 867 Espresso and Coffee Machine Review

The Krups 867 is a coffee and espresso machine. Equipped with separate water tanks, it can brew espresso and coffee at the same time. You can find the Krups 867 for an average price of $170. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this espresso and coffee machine.

The Krups 867 features a 10-cup glass carafe to hold brewed coffee. The carafe is equipped with a large handle to make for easy pouring. Also, the filter on the Krups 867 swings out for added convenience. The machine will automatically stop dripping if you remove the carafe. This gives you up to 20 seconds to pour a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing.

The Krups 867 can also brew espresso. The included carafe can hold up to four cups of espresso at a time. The bottom of the espresso part of the machine also features a removable drip tray. This side of the machine is also equipped with a steam nozzle and a froth attachment. This allows you to make drinks such as latte and cappuccino.

The dial on the espresso side of the Krups 867 gives you three options. These options include off, steam, and espresso. After filling the tank with water and closing the lid, you simply have to turn the dial to espresso to have it start brewing. When the dial on the Krups 867 is set to steam, you can use the froth attachment to steam a cup of milk.

You will also like the fact that the Krups 867 coffee and espresso machine is also equipped with a programmable timer. This timer only works for brewing a pot of coffee, so you can’t use it to make espresso. There are buttons on the side of the Krups 867 that allow you to set the timer easily. The unit will also shut off automatically so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on accidentally overnight.

One issue you may have with the Krups 867 is that it takes up a lot of counter space. The unit measures 12 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and 16 inches deep. If space isn’t much of a concern for you, then you will enjoy this machine.

Final Verdict

According to Melissa Faulk from Heavy Mornings, “The Krups 867 is not good enough to make our list of the best espresso machine on the market but it is certainly a good option if none of those we provided to you make sense”. For only $170, you can brew your own coffee and espresso right at home. You can even use the froth attachment to steam milk and make other drinks such as cappuccino and latte.