how to grow a better beard

Step By Step Guide on How to Grow A Better Beard

Men have been projected with those thick fiery beards since the times we have known of human existence. While, beards are known to be identity for manliness and masculinity, today they are more of fashion statement than just being a natural asset.

Undoubtedly, there can be hundreds of guides on how to grow a better beard, but the ultimate key lies in having patience and letting the nature takes its own course of growth. We break down some simple steps that can help you on growing breads faster!

Diet Regulation

While you might be concentrating too much on your hair growth, little do you know it has a direct relation with your overall fitness and health! Hence, it is important to concentrate on your diet to promote faster facial hair growth. Incorporate more of proteins in your diet including egg, fish, and legumes.

Keep your stress levels managed as that could lead to hair loss making the task a lot more difficult for you! Also practice your workouts in routine without compromising with your essential 8 hours of night sleep.

Personal Hygiene and Process

During the initial four weeks, be patient and let your hair grow. Be very particular with hygiene. There will be sudden urges to scratch which you will have to resist. If you’re able to resist the itch, you’ll be able to grow a better beard in the long-term.

  • Use a good quality exfoliating scrub to remove dirt and dead cells from the face. Also invest in good quality oil and use it weekly on you facial hair to boost growth.
  • During the first month of growing your beard, you will have to patient as the growth would be uneven and will make you feel like trimming it. This is where you will need to control.
  • Avoid any cutting, trimming or shaping for first four weeks no matter how undulating the growth appears.

Ultimately, your genetics would decide how even the growth appears. If you find unfilled spots here and there do not feel disappointed. Instead of comparisons, determine what works for you and follow steps accordingly. Remember, self-confidence is the key and that can only come when you are in acceptance with the way you have been made.